Looking for a quick and effective way to add some instant charm and décor to your home without spending a fortune in the process?  Then Cozystock.com is here to help bring that vision into reality.  Accent chairs are the perfect solution when you want to convert a boring and functional living space into something comfortable, warming, and inviting.  The key into choosing the right accent piece to fit your needs is to understand your current furniture and floor space layout.

Before purchasing any accent chair, decide how you would like to improve your current layout and how that furniture piece will help define and décor your room.  Remember that stylish accent chairs widely vary.  There are many factors to considering your right fit.  For example, different fabrics, patterns, and style play a major factor when it comes to your selection.  A perfect example would be if you need a chair that’s stylish, comfortable but in a high traffic area then maybe consider a leather accent chair.  If excellent attention to detail and craftsmanship is on your must have list you may look for a specially carved and detail fabric chaise.

Another important thing to consider outside of material type is choosing the right color.  For example, if you are looking to add warmth to your room then choosing a neutral color is a most.  On the other hand, if you are looking to make that furniture piece the focal point, then choosing a bolder color or different pattern prints makes more sense.  No matter what your looking for make sure you take into account your color schemes for that room.  Take into consideration the paint colors of your walls, curtains or window treatment, and of course any furniture that already occupies that room.  When choosing an accent chair that can be used for multiple purposes, a complete awareness of your color palette will guide you through the maze of colors, textures and patterns.

A key factor in choosing the right accent chairs of your room is the size of your room.  On smaller tighter rooms a larger accent chair may not make the best sense.  In larger rooms, selecting multiple accent chairs might be your best option.  For example, pairing wing chairs, arm chairs, club chairs, rocking chairs or recliners can also pull double-duty as conversational space and a reading nook.

    With so many options cozystock.com is your #1 retailer for accent furniture

The last key factor and to some the most important is price and dealing with a furniture company that you can trust.  We are glad that cozystock is the answer to both of those questions.  We know that customers are always looking to save but not at the expense of quality and service.  We always strive to provide excellent customer service and the overall best shopping experience.  And when it comes to savings and finding the best deal, well our name says it all cozystock.com is here to help!!  Finding the right accent chair to fit your purpose has never been easier.