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15 Sep CozyStock expands furniture with new handpicked designs
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OUR EXCLUSIVE VICTORIAN COLLECTIONCozyStock, offering more than just the usual click-and-buy retail shopping but a whole customer experience, brings more to the table—pun intended.  With its regular l..
02 Aug We topple competition by merging diversity and affordability
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CozyStock maintains its top position as the one-stop-shop online furniture retail store by providing the best deals and excellent shopping experience. Their growing catalog leaves customers more to ch..
15 Sep Finding Furniture: Getting the Perfect Piece for You and Your Home
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Finding the right furniture for your home can be a great deal of pressure or a great deal of adventure. It all depends whether you go about it knowledgeable and prepared. Whether you are a first ti..
15 Sep Sink in the Plush Lushness of Exquisite Fabric Upholstered Sofas—only at Cozystock
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At, you can feel confident about shopping for that perfect living room furniture online. With furniture pieces carefully curated by design specialists, you can be sure to find the righ..
02 Aug CozyStock ties up with amazon
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CozyStock marks another milestone as one of the leading furniture stores online to bring innovative designs for great deals. This time, CozyStock partners with online shopping giant Amazon in bringing..
26 Jul CozyStock Partners with Houzz to bring you more home designs
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VISIT US ON HOUZZA great home is not just about beautiful designs—it’s about big savings too!This is what CozyStock has been all about, offering uniquely creative and high-quality home and office furn..
15 Sep Sing “Spring” with these Easy, Breezy Spring Decorating Tips
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Gone is the frigid winter and spring has already kickstarted. Add bursts of vibrant colors, bright patters, and lively motifs to your home to effortlessly update and transition your home with the s..
15 Sep Vavavoom: Victorian Style Bedroom on a Budget
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Romantic drapes, intricate brocade, four-post canopy beds, swooping woodwork, plush cushions, velvet, satin … these just take you back to that time of luxury, that old-world charm of the Victorian e..
02 Aug CozyStock secrets to a meaningful shopping experience
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With online shopping and with almost everything else, some things are bound to go wrong—products break during delivery, servers can have problems, and shipments may not go as planned. Regardless of th..
17 Jun Set Up a Chic and Stylish Thanksgiving Feast Year After Year
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Long before you carve your Thanksgiving turkey, your guests will be taking in your décor and making their first impressions on your home and how memorable the holiday celebration would be. And just..
01 Jun Victorian collection furniture with new handpicked designs
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Our Exclusive Victorian Collection Cozystock, offering more than just the usual click-and-buy retail shopping but a whole customer experience, brings more to the table—pun intended.  With its regu..
23 Jun What to look for when choosing the right accent chair for your home
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Looking for a quick and effective way to add some instant charm and décor to your home without spending a fortune in the process?  Then is here to help bring that vision into reality. ..
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